Gantry Loader


Gantry Loader is Robot-Arm that can transfer workpieces in the factory production line.
It performs quickly and accurately instead of human in transporting, setting, and collecting workpiece.

Main Process
1. Take out a pre-processing workpiece from the stocker.
2. Mount the pre-processing workpiece to the machine.
3. Collect the processed workpiece from the machine.
4. Transfer the processed workpiece to the next step.

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Advantage of Gantory Loader

“ Stable Quality ”
Eliminate human error during the putting on -taking off of work.
“ Stable Productivity ”
Free from operating instruction which happens every time when workers change. There is no machine stop by during the instruction.
“ Heavy Transport ”
It can transport heavy workpieces quickly which are hard for human to carry, and accordingly the cycle time can be reduced.
“ Integrated Production Line ”
It can integrate multiple processes by various machines into one production line.

Not only new machines, the current machines you have also can be retrofitted.

Example of Introduction

Standard (2-Axis)
Axis Configuration
: Z-Axis(Carrier Horizontal motion), Y-Axis(Arm Vertical motion)
Main target machine
: Lathe, Machining Center, Grinding Machine
: Standard NC Gantry Loader is mainly used for Lathe and Grinding Machine.
 It is possible to connect several machines with one loader.

Standard (2-Axis)

3-Axis Gantry Loader
Axis Configuration
: Z-Axis(Carrier Horizontal motion), XY-Axis(Arm up and down
 motion, Arm back and forth motion)
Main target machine
: Machining Center
: The front of machine does not align when using 2-axis loader because it must
 layout the machines in accordence with the work center. 3-axis loader, however,
 can do it with Arm back and forth motion.

3-Axis Gantry Loader

5-Axis Gantry Loader
Axis configuration
: Z-Axis(Carrier Horizontal motion), Y-Axis(Arm vertical motion),
 Arm swing motion, Hand swing motion and horizontal swivling motion
Main target mchine
: Machining Center
: For machining centers with cover on the top. Easy teaching with swinging axis.

5-Axis Gantry Loader

Heavy Transport

Carry more than 100kgs weight such as cylinder block of engine.
 It is proven up to 500kgs.

Heavy Transport

Multiple process in  1 line

Production line of crank-shaft 150m length.
 (Centering Machine 1 unit + Lathe 3units + Milling 2units, Drilling 11units, Grinding 5 units)
We can achieve one line by Gantry Loader utilizing various technology such as turnning + swing hand.

Multiple process in  1 line

Multiple process in  1 line

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