Friction Welding Machine

What's Friction Welding?

Method of joining two metals using friction heat and high pressure.

1. Rotating the one material and contacting the other material makes the frictional heat
 on the contact surface.
2. When the temperature of the contact surface is raised, press it under large pressure.
3. The metal atoms linked and joined by heat and pressure.

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Friction Welding Machine

Advantage of Friction Welding-1

“ Material cost reduction ”
Material cost is less than machining.
  • Scrap lots
  • Scrap less
Processing Example 1
Processing Example 1
Processing Example 2
Processing Example 2

Advantage of Friction Welding 2

“ Joining Different types of material ”
Reduce the material cost by using expensive material to only the place you need.

Expensive Material Expensive Material × Cheap Material

Iron × Stainless
Carbon Steel (S25C) x Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Copper × Stainless
Copper x Stainless Steel
Aluminum × Copper
Aluminum x Copper
Aluminum × Stainless
Aluminum x Stainless Steel

Advantage of Friction Welding 3

“ Stable welding quality ”
The quality of the joint is always the same if the demension accuracy of the materials
is the same.

Advantage of Friction Welding 4

“ 10 Times Faster Cycle Times ”
10 times faster than Robotic Arc Weldings.

Advantage of Friction Welding 5

“ Enough strength at the welded parts ”
Tensile testing shows welded parts are strong enough not to break.
There is no need for anxiety of the lack of joining strength.

Wilded Portion

You should buy the Friction Welding Machine if you produce workpieces more than 2000 per month.

Introduction Example

Friction Welding is widely used in the various metal parts manufacturing such as Auto parts, Construction equipments parts, Industrial Equipment parts, Consumer Electronic parts and so on.

  • Automobile
  • Construction
  • Parts for Industrial Machine
  • electric type
  • others

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